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Spider Queen

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The Spider Queen
Spider queen title111

Real Name

Shannon Kane

First Appearance

The Eagle #2 (Sep 1941)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Elsa Lisau, possible pseudonym for Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve

Golden Age Origin


Shannon Kane was the wife of Harry Kane, a chemist who worked for the government. One day, Harry was killed by "enemies of his country." In searching through his records Shannon discovered the formula for a "spider-web fluid," which "sticks like glue--and it's actually strong enough to swing on!" Shannon invented a set of bracelets to shoot out the fluid, and became the sworn enemy of all criminals--Spider Queen. She found a potential love interest in detective Mike O'Bell, who was as interested in the young widow as he was in the costumed heroine.


Spider Queen's bracelets in action.

Golden Age Appearances

  • The Eagle #2-4


  • Marvel Comics introduced Spider Queen as a reimagined character in the Marvel Universe.

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