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Spider Queen

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The Spider Queen
The Spider Queen

Real Name

Shannon Kane

First Appearance

The Eagle #2 (Sep 1941)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Elsa Lisau, possible pseudonym for Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve

Golden Age OriginEdit


Page showing The Spider Queen's origin

Shannon Kane was the wife of Harry Kane, a chemist who worked for the government. One day, Harry was killed by "enemies of his country." In searching through his records Shannon discovered the formula for a "spider-web fluid," which "sticks like glue--and it's actually strong enough to swing on!" Shannon invented a set of bracelets to shoot out the fluid, and became the sworn enemy of all criminals--Spider Queen. She found a potential love interest in detective Mike O'Bell, who was as interested in the young widow as he was in the costumed heroine.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Spider Queen's bracelets in action.

Golden Age AppearancesEdit

  • The Eagle #2-4


  • Marvel Comics introduced Spider Queen as a reimagined character in the Marvel Universe.

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