“A web of mystery shrouds the weird figure who dwells in the Ozark wilds. Is she the beautiful daughter of the late Doctor Goddard, eccentric collector of insects? No one knows, for the Spider Woman’s victims are too terrified to talk!”

Spider Woman

Real Name

Helen Goddard

First Appearance

Major Victory Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Helen Goddard had been living alone in her cabin in the Ozarks since the death of her father, Dr. Goddard, but when criminals arrived intending to use the cabin as a hideout, Helen donned a costume and attacked them as Spider Woman. Despite being afraid to use firearms, she managed to capture the criminals using their superstitions and her father's animal traps. Spider Woman has no super powers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Major Victory Comics #1


  • Marvel has owned the trademark on this name since the 1970s. For info on dealing with trademarked names see the FAQ.

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