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Widower sm
Jason as the first Widower

Real Name

Jason Isaacs

First Appearance

January 3, 2011

Original Publisher

Heroes and Henchmen

Created by



At an early age, Jason Isaacs exhibited above-average intelligence. By the age of fourteen, Jason had turned his genius toward monitary gain. Having founded "IsaacWeb", he developed and sold many inventions.

While Jason's brother, Fred, focused on bettering the community around them, Jason persued his own goals and paid little attention to crime and poverty. When his brother was found dead in a notoriously dangerous part of the city known as "The Furnace", he was forced to take a second look at his chosen path.

Now, Jason has become "Spinner", the bane of criminals throughout Gemini City. In his war on crime, he employs a powerful exoskeleton concealed beneath his costume, sticky thread-shooting gloves, and automated robot arachnids called "Nanids".

Early in his career as a crimefighter, Jason Isaacs, otherwise known as Spinner, was approached by a masked man. Isaacs was told that a disgruntled city worker had placed an explosive device somewhere in Gemini City, and that the body count would be in the thousands. In return for the information needed to find and disable the bomb, Isaacs begrudgingly agreed to serve the masked man.

Once the threat was neutralized, Isaacs found himself transported to the Darkscape, where a living suit of tarantula-themed armor encased his body. Now driven by the will of the armor, Jason Isaacs became the first Widower, and was forced to assissinate several organized crime figures within the city.

One mafioso, escaped Widower's grasp through sheer luck. The extended period taken to track down Big Baby allowed Isaacs the time to break free of the Widower armor's influence long enough to enter a church. Once inside, the hellish outfit smoldered and rotted away, appearing for all intents and purposes to be dead. Jason Isaacs was freed from his stint as Widower, and forever earned the ire of the masked man.

Finally taking his brother's previously ignored advice, Jason now takes time to "enjoy the life he's been given". Return to his Spinner identity, this often includes having a little fun with less threatening villains, making him a well-known prankster.

Considers Dirtnap, Tritops and Octopod to be his main enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Inventor
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts

Weapons and Accessories

  • Minature robotic spiders known as Nanids.
  • Gloves that emit adhesive substance from fingertips, exoskeleton that augments speed and strength.


Spinner is a Creative Commons character. The license covering this character essentially states that ANYONE can use it for ANYTHING as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It gives credit to the heroes and henchmen site.
  • It's non-profit (Exceptions can be made for indie comics if premission is attained beforehand).
  • Others can use your changes if they so choose.

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