Real Name

Black Douglas

First Appearance

Spitfire Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Malcolm Kildale

Golden Age Origin

Englishman Black Douglas fought pirates almost 200 years ago, but was set adrift and left to die by his foes. However, He manages to reach a mysterious island. Once he lands, Douglas drank some strange water, and then was put into a 200 year hibernation thanks to gas coming from the hot springs.

The water was in fact from the Fountain of Youth. Black Douglas woke up several centuries later and tries to hitch a ride back to England on a Nazi U-boat. The Captain gladly agreed, but he told Douglas that the Germans would be blowing up the Royal Navy to prove Aryan superiority. Black knocks out his Nazi guards by exhaling the gases from the island. He then nearly defeats the entire Luftwaffe after figuring out how to fly a plane, but he runs out of fuel.

He lands in German territory, but uses his breath and a torch to create a flame thorwer and escape. The Nazis dubbed him the Spitfire because of this feat. Spitfire can emit a flammable knock out gas, was immortal from drinking from the Fountain of Youth, and was a skilled swordsman, aviator, and fighter.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Spitfire Comics #1-2

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