Spook Hunters
Spook hunters

First Appearance

All Top Comics #1 (1944 one shot)

Original Publisher

Fox Feature Syndicate

Created by



"Two men have perhaps one of the strangest hobbies in the world-they investigate supernatural occurrences!"

Professor Hugo Bart enlists Peter Storm, a star pupil of Professor Bart's, to look into claims of the paranormal.

"After school hours the two assume different roles-they are the fearless "Spook Hunters" ready to help anyone in need with their unusual skill."

In their first adventure, the two investigate a sighting of purported ghosts appearing to the caretakers of a house. The house was once owned by Professor Zoff, a chemist, and the two caretakers are husband and wife. The husband tells the Spook Hunters he encountered "every demon from the depths of the spirit world" in the deceased Professor Zoff's laboratory.

After investigating, Professor Bart discovers a weaponized gas created by Professor Zoff is the true culprit. When Peter Storm accidentally knocks over a canister of the gas, it induces hallucinations in those who breath the fumes.

Powers and Abilities

Professor Hugo Bart is intelligent and learned. Peter Storm is a bright student with athletic capabilities.

Public Domain Appearances

  • All Top Comics #1 (1944 one shot)


  • In an early panel, the pair are called "Ghost Hunters". Throughout the rest of the story, they are identified as "Spook Hunters" as they are "known to the public".