The Spotted Elephant?

Real Name


First Appearance

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (December 6, 1964)

Original Publisher


Created by

Romeo Muller & Robert L. May


The Spotted Elephant is introduced as a resident of the Island of Misfit Toys, a place where all of the unwanted toys go. After Hermey the Misfit Elf, Yukon Cornelius, and the reindeer who would become Santa's 9th(see notes) arrive there, the Spotted Elephant is later seen as the toy footman who brings them to their cabin after their meeting with King Moonracer at his castle.


  • The character of Rudolph is not in the public domain and, thus, cannot be used without permission. He was created in 1939 by Robert L.May and his first appearance was renewed. However, he has been popularly referred to as "Santa's 9th Reindeer."
  • Like the character, the song, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, is NOT in the public domain so avoid using details which are original to it.
  • The copyright year in Roman numerals for the special was mis-marked as MCLXIV (1164) instead of the correct MCMLXIV (1964). This invalidates the copyright under U.S. law at the time, which required a valid date of copyright be affixed to the production meaning that still images from the special and all of the characters unique to it are, as a result, in the public domain.
  • In 1998, CVS Pharmacy introduced the popular Beanie Stuffed Toys created by Stuffins selling for $5.99. Today, the 6" Spotted Elephant sells for an average of $50 on eBay, while the 12" version sells for as much as $170. There are many theories as to why the Spotted Elephant is the most popular of all the Misfit Toys, and why it is so highly sought after by collectors. Some say that the Spotted Elephant is the most easily recognizable by small children who watch the special for the very first time, and end up asking for the "white elephant with polka dots" for their second or third Christmas. Whatever the reason may be, its value continues to increase over time.

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