Spurt Hammond

Real Name

Spurt Hammond

First Appearance

Planet Comics #1 (January, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Henry Kiefer


Captain Spurt Hammond was a young American pilot who transported supplies from Earth to the other planets in the solar system. He was also contracted by the military to take on special missions. He had many adventures, battling injustice throughout the system, and frequently coming to the aid of queens and princesses. He was friends with Queen Voloptus of Venus, King Satius of Saturn, Queen Merca of the Twilight Lands, and King Murda of the Lobster Men. He battled enemies such as The Lunezons, Professor Morta, King Morono of Pluto, and the Mooniacs. His adventures were supposed to take place in the year 25,000.

Hammond was a strong and resourceful fighter, a highly respected pilot and usually carried a ray gun. In one of his stories, his body was subjected to a conditioning process that would allow him to survive on the hot side of Mercury, making him immune to ordinary flame and to temperatures up to 2000 degrees.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Planet Comics #1-12


  • Edited reprints of Spurt Hammond stories from Planet Comics were used for Rocketman and Rock Raymond's adventures with the names (understandably) changed.

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