Steel Shark
Steel shark villian

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Rocket Comics #1 (1940)

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The Steel Shark was a deep-sea raider and pirate responsible for sinking and plundering ships near the island of Monango as well as kidnapping Jane Wells, the daughter of the governor of Monongo. The Steel Shark's pirating and kidnapping get the attention of Naval officials who send Lt. Dick Jones to rescue the captive girl and bring the undersea pirate to justice.

Steel shark villian02

From Rocket Comics #2.

The Steel Shark's submarine was equipped with high-tech weaponry such as flux-ray-guns and communications tech such as video phones called a fluro-vox. He carried a special gun which had an image of his sub on the butt of the handle which when used to hit hard enough would leave a depression of the image.

In the first issue of Rocket Comics, he was bald and green skinned but, in subsequent appearances, looked like a more normal submarine commander.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rocket Comics #1-3


  • A different heroic Steel Shark later appeared in Hillman's Victory Comics.

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