Stone Men from Space

Real Name

Ag (topmost). Ob (pointing), (rearmost unidentified)

First Appearance

Space Western #44 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Queen Thula of Mars is in the desert talking with Spurs Jackson, Strong Bow, and Rapid Fox. They are discussing the petrified logs of wood. Strong Bow doesn't believe wood ever grew in the desert. Thula gives him a thuvia flower and says it will grow in the desert. After Spurs takes Thula back to Mars in his rocket, Strong Bow tosses the flower away. It instantly sprouts into tall thuvia tree with flowers and branches.

The petrified wood starts to move and become Stone Men. They have been there for 10,000 years, after they travelled to Earth from their planet Canis. Canis is revolves around the star, Sirius. One of the Stone Men says that, now that they have rested for 10,000 years, they can take over this stupid world! Another one replies, "You are right, Great Ag!"

The Stone Man Ob says that since they are stone, Earth creatures can't harm them, but their weapons might. They see Rapid Fox and Strong Bow nearby, and decide to capture the two and disarm them.

Strong Bow and Rapid Fox try to stop the advancing Stone Men, but their weapons of an arrow from Strong Bow, a knife thrown by Rapid Fox, and bullets fired by Strong Bow do not harm the creatures. The Stone Men capture Strong Bow and Rapid Fox, tying them to the thuvia tree with rope.

Strong Bow and Rapid Fox break free, with Strong Bow having Rapid Fox cut off pluvia branches for arrows. Strong Bow radios the Army base to report on the Stone Men. He tells them only an A-bomb will stop them. The Army tells them to hold for an hour until the A-bomb can show up.

Using their bows, the pair of Mayan warriors shoot thuvia arrows. The fired thuvia grows rapidly into a strong forest of thuvia trees, penning the Stone Men inside it. Spurs shows up with his rocket, dropping the A-bomb on the Stone Men. The Stone Men are petrified once more, and gathered into an army truck.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #44

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