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Real Name

Rudaba od-Ahmadi

First Appearance


Original Publisher


Created By

Dominic Bennetts


Rudaba is a fiery and intelligent Persian woman who travels the world in her scholarly pursuit of knowledge about Zoroastrianism, and is highly regarded as a library-like academic and scholar of the ancient religion. During her travels, she was able to acquire for her private collection a relic called the “Shawl of Scheherazade”, a magical garment woven by the ancient queen over the course of 1001 nights, while she spun stories to enchant her husband, the King of the Sassanid Empire. The Shawl has given Rudaba amazing mystical abilities, which she now uses to fight crime wherever she may travel, combating hatred, corruption and dark magic alike with her skills, superpowers and her voluminous mystical knowledge.

Powers & Abilities

Originally, all of Rudaba’s powers as Storyteller came from her outfit, the form-changing Shawl of Scheherazade. The legendary queen spun a thousand tales, each of those tales woven from her exhaustive knowledge of history, myth, and fantasy and threaded together using the Thread of Fate seized from the soul of one of the King’s previous 1000 wives, who were each executed the morning after they were married to him. By using her mystical powers to weave a patchwork garment out of a thousand souls, Scheherazade empowered anybody wearing it with all the strength, skills and knowledge of the thousand women those threads came from.

As a result, Rudaba can lift far greater weights than ordinary humans, as well as possessing a degree of heightened durability and speed that varies depending on how many Threads she is tapping into at any one time. The limitation to this is that her body suffers increased strain with each Thread that is stitched into her spirit at any one time, with greater numbers being harder for her to sustain, although in momentary bursts she has been capable of using the full 30 tons of strength that the original thousand Threads provided her, rendering her unconscious afterwards. When she would take damage, she can transfer the damage over to the Shawl instead, allowing the woven souls to absorb the damage instead. However, damage to the woven souls can cause the Threads of Fate to break if too much damage is accumulated, and broken Threads are forever lost, causing Rudaba to lose access to that person’s physical abilities, skills, and knowledge. She is also able to use her Threads as weapons, tools and for other functions, shooting them out as grappling lines, snares, whips and any other use she can mentally command the Threads to follow.

An additional benefit to the shawl is the ability to unravel a single Thread from it in order to “talespin”, which is the process of recreating an element from a single story told by Scheherazade during those 1001 nights with the king. Since the Queen told a thousand tales by weaving those stories from the Threads of the thousand wives who came before, each thread is associated with a specific story and is consumed entirely in the process of recreating an aspect of that story, and so that story can never be used again. The elements to be derived from the story are nebulous and up to the weaver herself, so she is capable of generating a huge (but finite) array of spell-like effects from her shawl.


Storyteller is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish, author citations are not necessary.

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