Real Name

Fred Drake

First Appearance

Stuntman #1 (April-May 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

Golden Age Origin

Fred Drake was a member of a group of circus acrobats called the Flying Apollos, but his two teammates are murdered. He decides to investigate, but while he was investigating he was hired by Don Daring to be his secret stunt double. Deciding to go undercover, Fred Drake becomes the costumed crime fighter Stuntman. He had a crush on an actress named Sandra Sylvan,but she did not even know who Fred Drake was because of Daring and Drake's secret agreement. Stuntman had no superpowers, but he had The Stunt-car and was an expert acrobat.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Stuntman #1-3
  • Green Hornet Fights Crime #39
  • Black Cat #9
  • Thrills of Tomorrow #19-20
  • All-New Comics #13
  • Joe Palooka Comics #9

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