Real Name

Super Robot

First Appearance

Fat and Slat #3 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan

Golden Age Origin

Super-Robot was created by the old invalid inventor Jasper Gadget. The robot was a masterpiece of mechanical and diabolical skill that responded to to the vibratory force of its master's thought waves. His master sent the robot to rob the Thin Dime Savings Bank, but Jasper Gadget's plans for the Super-Robot were overheard by Comics McCormick who alerts both the police and the night watchman to the nefarious evildoers plans. When the Super-Robot arrived at the bank, Comics confronted the machine armed with a disintergrator ray gun that he obtain from his early adventure with Inspector Cosmic. Comics' daydream ended with him blasting away at the robot only to discover he was squirting his mother with a water pistol.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fat and Slat #3


  • Super-Robot was a comic book character within the comic book whose adventures are read by Comics McCormick. After reading about the character, he has a daydream about fighting with Super Robot.

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