The Surgeon

Real Name

Dr. Blackton

First Appearance

Lightning Comics v3 #1 (June 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

The home city of Dr. Nemesis was gripped by an outbreak of the Black Plague. As the Surgeon, Dr. Blackton, Superintendant of City Hospital, set about killing the doctors who discovered the cure so that he could claim credit for himself. He burst into the research laboratory and killed two out of the three doctors who had discovered the formula, with his scalpel and anaesthetic. But the dying Dr. Michaels hid it in the mouth of a corpse and fell out the window clutching its teeth in his hand. Dr. Jim Bradley was arrested on suspicion of murder but broke out of jail as Dr. Nemesis. He defeated the Surgeon and recovered the formula.

Golden Age Appearances

Lightning Comics v3 #1

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