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Swoop Smith
Swoop Smith
Swoop Smith

Real Name

Swoop Smith/Swoop Storm

First Appearance

Boy Comics # 3 (1942)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Charles Biro

Golden Age Origins

Swoop Smith, also known as Swoop Storm, was a young American inventor who became a pilot at age 10 after successfully landing a passenger plane when its regular pilot died of a heart-attack mid-flight. He fought crime and Axis agents using his piloting skills. He also invented a number of flying vehicles which he flew himself. He was assisted by Winky, his under-appreciated yet unfailingly loyal best friend.

Swoop Smith was friends with Dickie Dean, a fellow kid inventor. While they never appeared together in a published story, Swoop did use one of Dickie's inventions in at least one adventure.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boy Comics # 3-5, 14 and 19 (as Swoop Smith)
  • Boy Comics #6-13, 15-18 and 20-32 (as Swoop Storm)

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