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Sylf, The Subtle

Real Name


First Appearance

Rangers Comics #23 (June, 1945)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Archie E. Martin (as Peter Amos) and Edward Brodie-Mack (as Brodie Mack)


Sylf, The Subtle was a priest on the "Lost Continent," a landmass in uncharted waters. The nature of his relationship with Kazanda, Queen of the Lost Continent is uncertain, but she did go out of her way to save his life.

Sylf demonstrated the ability to turn women into statues, and had a collection of them in front of his temple. He apparently required an occassional blood sacrafice upon his alter in order to maintain his life. He did not allow "other worlders" to land on the lost continent, and had submarines that would sink any ship that came to close to it.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Rangers Comics #23-28

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