Chief Talamassa
Talamassa killing the rare white buffalo

Real Name


First Appearance

Indian Braves #2 (1951)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Ace Baker


Chief Talamassa is a legendary leader of the Sioux tribe, around two centuries before the time Chief John Thundercloud was active. An accomplished hunter, he manages to slay a rare white buffalo. He has a sacred shield made of the buffalo's hide.

When the shield was completed, braves of the Blackfeet tribe came against the Sioux. Talamassa leads the battle with the shield, roundly defeating the attackers. Talamassa declares, "Victory is ours! The shield has proven itself and the plains are ours! Our power will never be broken!" Years later, on his deathbed, Talamassa declares further, "My people, take Talamassa's shield and keep its honor! Never will the Sioux taste the sting of defeat as long as the shield remains with you!"

"May Talamassa's shield hang forever in peace and our people live as brothers with other nations!"

Talamassa's shield

Talamassa's shield.


Talamassa is an expert hunter, archer, horseman, and is extremely strong. He is able to wrestle a buffalo, although the buffalo is wounded. It is said of one of the tribesmen, "There is no greater hunter than Talamassa!"

Golden Age Appearances

Indian Braves #2


The Sacred Shield of Talamassa was later used by Chief John Thundercloud. Its efficacy in battle is again proven when Chief Thundercloud and his warriors defeat an attack of Blackfeet warriors.

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