Real Name


First Appearance

Active Comics #28 (June-July 1946)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Ross Mendes


Mike Sands and his Spanish ward, known only as "Tales," form the TNT duo against crime: Tophat 'n' Tales!

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics #28


  • The Tophat 'n' Tales strip only had one appearance, in the last issue shake-up of Active Comics where all of the recurring features associated with the title (including mainstays The Brain and Thunderfist) were ejected in favor of established characters from other titles (like The Wing and The Dreamer) and the debut of brand new strips. It is unknown if this change in the issue's lineup was the result of a desperate attempt to increase sales or a need to burn off excess material the company had paid for and had nowhere else to publish.

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