Real Name


First Appearance

Dagar #14 (February, 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Kamen

Golden Age Origin

Tangi was a white Jungle Girl who lived in a village with other humans, including her friends Cheela and Tangoh. She rode zebras on long distance trips and could communicate fairly effectively with her primate friends, Ongah, the gorilla and Chitchee the monkey. On her own, she was a good swimmer and athlete, and knowledgeable about the jungle and its inhabitants. She carried a knife and proved that she could kill a panther with it. However, she apparently had a code against brutality and killing humans unless it was absolutely necessary. She worshiped at the sacred graveyard of her ancestors at Takhor, far from her village. She knew how to perform ritualistic dances to bring rain to her people.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Dagar #14-16, 19-23
  • Jungle Jo #1-2
  • Terrors of the Jungle #9, 17, 20-21
  • Humdinger #53

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