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The Target
Target V3 03
Target Comics Vol. 3 #3

Real Name

Niles Reed

First Appearance

Target Comics Vol. 1 #10 (Nov 1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Dick Briefer

Golden Age Origin

The Target is Niles Reed, a metallurgist who doubles as a spy for the U.S. Army. Niles’ brother James is killed by gangsters, so the enraged Niles decides to go after them. He designs a special suit for himself, avenges his brother’s death, and then begins helping the military on the home-front. He is partnered with the Targeteers. Tina, their secretary, knew the team's secret identities, and would help them or be rescued by them frequently.

The Target has no powers, but he wears an “indestructible metallic fibre suit” which renders him bullet- and grenade-proof. He uses special darts which he can hurl with incredible speed and accuracy.

During World War II, Niles, Dave and Tom are drafted into the Army, Navy and Marines, respectively. They fought in the Pacific theater, changing into costumes when needed. Because they served in different branches of the military, they seldom met together, so the stories tended to focus on one Targeteer at the time.

Later in the war, they K-9 Corps, where worked with a German Shepard named Rex. Aftter Japan surrendered and they were discharged, they formed their own private investigation firm known as The Troubleshooter Agency.

Connections to Other Novelty Characters

In Target Comics V2 #1, Uncle Sam summoned Target to a meeting that involved all major characters that appeared in Target Comics at the time. Each character was assigned a different mission. Target and the Targeteers were ordered to root out criminals that worked for hostile foreign powers. This issue also saw Target encounter Chameleon on the pages of their own feature. The Chameleon provided covert assistance and, in return, Niles Reed put in a good word for him with the FBI. The Target story in Target Comics V2 #4 contains a passing reference to Dick Cole. The next issue's Target story contains a reference to a Kit Carter story that appeared in the same issue.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics vol. 1 #10-12, vol. 2 #1-12, vol. 3 #1-12, vol. 4 #1-12, vol. 5 #1-8, vol. 6 #1-10, vol. 7 #1-12, vol. 8 #1-12, vol. 9 #1-5, #8, vol. 10 #1
  • 4 Most Comics vol. 1 #1-2, vol. 5 #1

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