The Targeteers
The Target and the Targeteers

Real Names

Dave Brown & Tommy Foster

First Appearance

Target Comics Vol. 1 #11 (Dec 1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Dick Briefer

Golden Age Origin

Dave Brown and Tommy Foster are the wisecracking and crime and evil-fighting sidekicks of the Target. They have no superpowers, but do wear the same “indestructible metallic fibre suit” as the Target, which renders them bullet- and grenade-proof. Dave and Tommy would alternate who wore the red and who wore the blue costumes. Tina, their secretary, knew their secret identities, and would help them or be rescued by them frequently.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics vol. 1 #11-12, vol. 2 #1-12, vol. 3 #1-12, vol. 4 #1-12, vol. 5 #1-8, vol. 6 #1-10, vol. 7 #1-12, vol. 8 #1-12, vol. 9 #1-5, #8, vol. 10 #1
  • 4 Most Comics vol. 1 #1-2, vol. 5 #1

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