Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #5 (March 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Belfi


After assisting the female Doxian Erda, Commodore Rex Clive and Adjutant Speed Lansing of the Space Rangers remain on the planet Dox following their aiding the Doxians against the Zodians who war against them. The new Master Devil Master Choq is heading up the new attacks, using "volcanic tube-guns".

A new attack from Zod begins, Rex and Speed go to Zod to stop the fight. Disguised as horned Devil Masters of Zod, They go to Ajugar, the sixth assistant Chief in the department of war. Ajugar is said to be an ally to the Doxians, but is immediately stabbed in the back from behind the curtain in his office. Rex adopts Ajugar's robe and manipulates his face as a disguise.

Speed catches up with Ajugar's killer, who is a Devil Master woman named Tarra. Tarra fires her "z-ray" weapon placed in his finger-ring. This knocks out Speed.

Tarra catches up with Rex, still thinking he is Ajugar. Rex removes his disguise to Tarra, and reveals he is not Ajugar or a Devil Master. Tarra tells Rex she was on a Doxian vessel which crashed on Zod, and was forced to disguise herself as Devil Masters with the other survivors. She was betrayed by Ajugar, and killed him for it.

Tarra helps the Space Rangers escape and inform the Doxians of the Zodians' plans to use a "gravimeter" to send Dox out of the orbit of the sun, Algol. When the Space Rangers inform them, Dox is able to turn on their own gravimeters to knock Zod out of orbit, causing them to use their volcanic energy to heat their planet instead of using the volcanic tube-guns to attack Dox.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #5

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