Real Name


First Appearance

Deviant Art (Dec. 31, 2011)

Created by

Will Georges


Tarraya is attached to a "Skinbiote." The skinbiote keops on repairing her body to a point that she would never get ill or grow old. Furthermore, the transformation process possibly rewrote a good part of her DNA, fixing imperfections and greatly improving on it. However, one can only speculate how she would evolve after a billion years of immortality. What is her ultimate fate? That's up to you!

The skinbiote only works properly on a body that it is bonded to, and that requires the extreme and bizarre transformation process which only the unfathomable alien "master" creature can provide. Therefore, the skinbiote should be seen as an "aspect" of Tarraya, not something that can be applied to anyone else just like that. That being said, it is conceivable that any isolated part of her skinbiote could work as a "Lesser Skinbiote" (as described in the design doc) on a non-transformed person.

It is generally referred to as a "skinbiote" rather than a suit because it cannot be removed. It is bonded to her body on the molecular level, it has become part of her, and her personality has changed as such that she enjoys it too much to ever want to get back to how she was before. Quantum Mechanics and that sort of crazy stuff. Any cut off piece will try to rejoin with the main organism. It cannot be melted, it may not be frozen, or will only temporarily harden if treated as such. Any permanently removed bit will be replaced as the organism seems to grow and retract seemingly out of nowhere.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from never getting ill and being immortal, the skinbiote makes her virtually indestructable for it can repair and rebuild severely damaged tissue.


To kill Tarraya would require the simultaneous desintegration of both host body and skinbiote, and nothing short of a nuclear blast will accomplish that. And then still... one can never know.


Tarraya and her background are available for use by anyone for any purposes, commercial work included. You may build upon it and make changes to it, provided you indicate what changes were made. You may distribute the end product in any way you want, provided you give credit to the original creator but, you must state he does not endorse you or your use.

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