Queen Thula

Real Name

Queen Thula

First Appearance

Space Western #40 (1952)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson and John Belfi


When Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes are taken to Mars by Martian invaders lead by Korok , Queen Thula is forced by law to abdicate her throne.

Talking with Thula afterward, Spurs discovers it was because Korok used Spurs and his ranch hands Strong Bow and Hank Roper as evidence he had conquered Earth. Spurs is infurated at Korok's deceit, as is Hank when he overhears the conversation. Hank goes to attack he palace with his sixguns, but an invisible shield protects the guards from all metal projectiles. This include the plutonium gun Spurs brought along.

Strong Bow shows up to assist with his bow, firing a flint-tipped, wooden-shaft arrow to kill the guard. Hank subdues another guard with his lasso while Spurs rushes into the palace with his gun. The guard at the throne room door is holding a weapon as well, and is standing behind a one-way electronic curtain, leaving Spurs defenseless and open to the guard's weapon.


Korok nabs Queen Thula

Strong Bow appears, firing the gun out of the guard's hand with an arrow. Spurs overcomes the guard and enters the throne room. He challenges Korok's right to the throne, the latter telling Spurs to face him unarmed.

Spurs discards his weapon. Korok brandishes his own gun, which Spurs uses his bull-whip to cause Korok to drop. Hank shows up to assist Strong Bow in disposing of the remaining guards. In short order, Queen Thula is restored to the throne. Grateful to Spurs Jackson for his assistance, she makes him Prime Minister. She invites him to sit beside her on her throne.

Public Domain Appearances

Space Western #40

See Also

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