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Powered by an Astro-Wave Flux Reactor, the Excel Fighter Thunder Robo was once a top-of-the-line mechanical soldier used by the warring nations of Earth. However, once the planet was united under the banner of the Terran Empire almost all Thunder Robos were dismantled and destroyed as newer, smaller defensive units became the only necessary peacekeeping forces. The only one left was kept functional, though disarmed, for ceremonial purposes and for historical curiosity, until the arrival of the Galaxians, a refugee fleet of alien ships of all different types and designs. The Galaxians were a loosely-united group of different alien species on the run from the fearsome mechanical minions of the Star Devil Emperor.

With their fleet made up mostly of cargo ships, manufacturing ships and other non-combatant designs, the Galaxians were desperate for weaponised platforms that could help them fight off the Star Robos, but were unable to afford anything to trade with the people of Earth. As a token of assistance and goodwill, the Terran Empire offered up the Excel Fighter Thunder Robo, a ceremonial Terran protector to the Galaxian fleet. With the Thunder Robo came its small maintenance crew, and its dedicated pilot, Raioh Kasuna. They were excited to be helping out the Galaxians, despite the fact that the Terran Empire had only passed them on as a goodwill exercise, and with the assistance of the Thunder Robo’s maintenance crew the Galaxians were able to take their five most combat-ready space superiority vessels and modify them with their own miniature Astro-Wave Flux Reactors. These five vessels became the Astro Falcons, each specialised for a different task, one for high speed intercepting and pursuit, one for heavy bombardment, one for precision attacks, one for stealth and scouting and the last for close range dogfighting.

Along with the upgrading of the vehicles to the Astro Falcons, the Galaxians and the Thunder Robo crew worked together to reactivate the Thunder Robo’s weapons systems and gradually upgrade it into a new form, the Space Warrior Starizer. With this new upgrade, Starizer implemented experimental Gattai Links to be able to combine with other machines for extra power. By using its Gattai Links to combine with the Astro Falcons, Space Warrior Starizer was able to transform into the Astro Warrior Grand Nova in order to fight off the bigger threats of the Star Devil’s forces.

After a catastrophic battle that saw the Galaxy Major, the main city-ship of the Galaxian fleet, sustain significant damage the Galaxian Fleet was forced to overhaul it and take apart some of the other ships in the fleet to rebuild it as the new Galaxy Driver Star Fortress. Implemented in the new Galaxy Drive was an enormous prototype A2 Reactor (Astro Accelerator Reactor), and with the disabling of the safety locks in dire situations the Space Warrior Starizer can combine with the Star Fortress to become the enormous Space King Galaxizer in order to face off with the Star Devil Admirals, the most powerful Demon Robos the Star Devil has at his bidding.


Thunder Robo’s signature weapon is its Thunder Flash Cannon, whilst in its upgraded Starizer form it now utilizes the Solar Flux Punch and the Astro Beam Spiral as its main combat moves. When united with the Astro Falcons Grand Nova utilises its Supernova Buster and its Celestial Lance, and finally in the form of Space King Galaxizer it finishes off its foes with the Galactic Crash or the Event Horizon Gravitron Wave Blaster, crushing its foes out of existence by warping space-time with its immense Astro-Wave output.


Thunder Robo is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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