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Thunderbrand,The Captive Prince

Real Name


First Appearance

Cannonball Comics #1 (1945)

Original Publisher

Enwil Associates / Rural Home/ Croydon

Created by


Golden Age Origin

From Cannonball Comics #1: "Long Ago--when Europe was divided into scores of warring kingdoms and duchies--a five-year old princeling was exiled by his ambitious uncle-- who coveted the throne of Bardavia! Captured by pirates, the boy was reared as a son by Barbarossa, the fiercest buccaneer in the Mediterranean! Now, at seventeen, Thunderbrand begins his quest -- seeking the long-lost gold scepter that will prove his noble birthright!"

The cover of Cannonball Comics #1 shows him and Crime Crusader captured by the Death Dealer with only the escaped Crash Kid free to fight the monster.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Cannonball Comics #1-2

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