The Mighty Man of Mystery, Human Thunderbolt

Real Name

Randy Steele/King (see "Notes" section)

First Appearance

Active Comics #1 (Feb. 1942)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Edmund Legault & Murray Karn


After his scientist brother, Danny, is murdered by Nazi scientists, sideshow strongman Randy Steele changes professions, using his own scientific expertise to create several fantastic devices and becomes the costumed crimefighter Thunderfist. From an underground base at the northernmost reaches of Maine, he listens to radio news reports, then ventures out to stop crooks and spies. Thunderfist, also known as the Mighty Man of Mystery, only ventured to Canada once to briefly visit Toronto in one of his later appearances. He was aided by his girlfriend and partner, Beverley Holmes.

In his civilian identity, he was a reporter for the Times (later changed to the Star).


"Feet Plates" allow him to move at great speeds and fly, riding on electrical currents. His belt grants him superhuman strength. His costume renders him immune to electrical attacks. His mask contains a gas mask and sub-aqua breathing mask. He is in top physical shape and has a sharp mind.

His super-charged electrical outfit gave him the strength of a dozen men; the power to throw a devastating and explosive super-punch (hence his name); and the power to travel through the air on an electrical charge (especially that in telegraph lines) at lightning speeds. His electrical charge also made his costume invulnerable to bullets.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Active Comics #1-28
  • "WOW" Comics #29 (cover only)


  • When Tedd Steele took over Thunderfist in Active Comics #23 (June/July 1945), he changed the character's alter ego to Randy King, perhaps to avoid confusion or clashing with his own surname.

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