Tiger Hart
from Planet Comics #2

Real Name

Tiger Hart

First Appearance

Planet Comics #2 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Fletcher Hanks (who else?)

Golden Age Origin

Tiger Hart of Crossbone Castle was a dual sword-wielding warrior who battled against lawbreakers on the planet Saturn (which, according to the text caption, was at the same level of development as medieval Earth). In his only recorded exploit, he fought to recover Queen Hilda and the Solinoor Diamond from Turk-the-Terrible and his Talon Man. He shattered the diamond with his sword so that no one would ever kill for it again. Tiger Hart was fairly brutal. He tortured two of Turk-The-Terrible's men by hanging them up over a pit of tigers and threatened to cut them loose.

Golden Age Appearance

Planet Comics #2