Real Name

Queen Tigra

First Appearance

Captain 3D #1 (December, 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon


Tigra was the queen of the Cat People, feline humanoids who disguise themselves as humans, and intend to conquer the earth. Their civilization was far more advanced than ours, 50,000 years ago, but their homeland sank beneath the earth, preventing them from conquering until now. Tigra carries out the mission to conquer the Earth, but was opposed by Captain 3D.

Tigra carries a Gamma Gun which is capable of disintegrating people. She is happy to use it and is so ruthless that she has used it on her own people. Tigra has a henchman named Skweel, and she has access to highly advanced weapons and technology.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain 3D #1


Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics hero of the same name, whose origin story also involves Cat People and who is NOT public domain.