Real Name


First Appearance

A New Wonderland (1900)

Original Publisher

Robert Howard Russell

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Timtom is a young man who lives in the Land of Mo.

Timtom's family lives far from the royal palace, but one day Timtom visited the King to bring him some pickled peaches. At the palace, he fell in love with the beautiful Princess Pattycake and asked for her hand in marriage, but she would not marry him because of her terrible temper.

At his mother's suggestion, Timtom set out to ask the Sorceress Maëtta for her help. His many adventures included encountering a popcorn snow-storm and crossing the River of Needles, but with the help of a spider, a bird, and a rabbit, he finally reached the castle of Maëtta. The sorceress gave him a golden pill to cure Pattycake's temper as well as some gifts for the creatures that had helped him.

Finally, Timtom returned to the Royal Palace of Mo and gave Pattycake the golden pill. Her temper was cured, and they were married a week later.

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