The Tinman

Real Name

Lucius Pindle

First Appearance

Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer #1 (Apr. 1967)

Original Publisher

Lightning Comics

Created by

C. C. Beck and Otto Binder


The Thin Boy.


Weak and bullied at school, Lucius Pindle (known as "Thin Boy"), created a mixture of chemicals (mostly salt) in order to become a superhero. When that plan failed, he tried a magic spell which promised to turn him into a "shining knight." Successful, he took the name Tinman and, after a short misunderstanding with Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, decided to become his sidekick.

This was short-lived, however as, by the third issue, Fatman revealed that Lucius had quit super-heroics and gone away to college.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength
  • Could jump 100s of miles high
  • Breathe in space
  • Resistance to heat
  • Survive underwater


  • The comics were never consistent with the spelling of the characters' codename. At any given time, it could have been spelt Tinman, Tin-Man, or Tin Man.
  • In keeping with Fatman being billed as “the only comic hero with 3 identities," the Tinman had three of his own: Lucius Pindle, Tinman, and Thin Boy.
  • Having been released in 1967 by a company no longer in existence, the character can be considered an Orphan Work.

Fatman the Human Flying Saucer (sometimes known as "Saucer Man") and Tinman (sometimes known as "Thin Boy") head off to fight crime!