Real Name

Tintin Blanchard

First Appearance

Les Voyages Aeriens d'un Petit Parisien a Travers le Monde #1 (The aerial voyages of a small Parisian around the world) (1911)

Original Publisher

Created by

Marcel Priollet (under the name R.M. Nizerolles)


Tintin was a young boy from Paris who traveled around the world in a small biplane. He was brave, resourceful and patriotic. He had adventures in the jungles of Africa, in China, and in many of the French colonies. He also had some subterranean adventures. In later adventures, he crossed the solar system in the Bolide, an atomic-hydrogen-gas-powered spaceship.

His colleagues included a brave young girl named Louise, the old, wise and technologically saavy Professor Saint-Marc, Tintin's young sister, Yvonne Blanchard, an English reporter named Timmy Ropp and a young man named Jean de Requirec.

Titles for known issues of the original run include:

  • 1. A Sensational Match
  • 5. The White Savages
  • 7. A Brave
  • 12. A Minute of Glory
  • 13. Airplane and Submarine
  • 14. The Pillars of Wreckage
  • 23. A War Mission
  • 26. Two Against 1000
  • 38. 1000 Kilometers Per Hour
  • 46. An Aerial Battle
  • 47. The Secret of the Biplane
  • 49. The Terror of the Seas
  • 50. The Death of "Requin"


  • While this character is in the public domain, the famous Belgian comic character of the same name, created by Hergé and star of the recent Dreamworks film, "The Adventures of Tintin" is NOT public domain.
  • The original series was republished in 1933, and was followed by his space adventures (Les Aventuriers du Ciel: Voyages Extraordinaires d'un Petit Parisien dans la Stratosphère, la Lune et les Planètes) in 1935. The US copyright status of Les Aventuriers du Ciel (the space series) requires investigation, but those stories are probably still under copyright in France.
  • While stories involving this vesion of Tintin, published before 1923 are in the public domain in the United States, the stories may technically be under copyright throughout Europe until 2031.

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