Patrolman Tom Halley

Real Name

Thomas Halley

First Appearance

Strange Journey #4 (June 1958)

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Tom Halley is a Galactic Guardian Space Patrolman. Tom receives a distress call from the Earth rocket, Sirius, bound for Galaxy 4 as the ship slips into a type of space whirlpool. Tom orders the Galatic Guardians on Actrian be notified of the incident, as their base is the closest. Tom is joined by Patrolman Captain Al, whose sister is aboard the missing rocket, Sirius. The pair investigate,battling off the aliens using the whirlpool to capture ships, and rescuing the rocket from the whirlpool.

Tom Halley is commended for his efforts by the Commander of the Galactic Guardians, and punished for disobeying orders and losing his ship. Tom is sentenced to a ten-day furlough, which he will spend with Al's sister.

Public Domain Appearances

Strange Journey #4

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