Tommy Jordan

Real Name

Thomas Jordan

First Appearance

Fantastic Worlds #6 (Nov. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Toth, Mike Peppe


Enjoying a fishing excursion in a remote location, Tommy Jordan sees a spacecraft land. He observes a pair of aliens, and hears them communicate to each other by "thinking-aloud". The two aliens, which Tommy thinks resemble bugs, are named Gool and Zorg. They plan to eliminate the Earth people, who the aliens think look like the bugs of their planet.

Tommy attempts to tell his friends, parents, and the authorities. His past as a teller of tall tales causes non-belief in those close to him, and others just think the idea absurd.

Tommy returns to where the ship landed, watching the aliens set up a weapon that delivers insecticide. Tommy watches as it is effectively tested on an old trapper. Tommy determines to use the device against the aliens, but they are alerted when he scrapes it against a boulder. He is quickly captured, the aliens deciding to use a thought extractor on him. Tommy gives them information, but finally resists enough to lie to the aliens about giant birds that will gobble up anything the size of the aliens like bugs. His tale is confirmed by an airliner flying overhead. The aliens panic and take off in their craft. In their haste, they crash into the side of a mountain. An avalanche ensues, hopelessly burying the craft. Tommy knows his deceit has saved the world, but also knows nobody will believe him.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Worlds #6

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