Tommy Tomahawk

Real Name

Tommy Tomahawk

First Appearance

Contact Comics #1 (July, 1944)

Original Publisher

Aviation Press

Created by

G. H. Appel


Described as "The modern American Indian, assimilated in the new way of life, and seething with anger at the barbaric antics of the Nipponese, gives vent to his wrath by joining the white man in the annihilation of the 'master race' by harassing Jap troop and supply ships... To keep the torch of liberty alive!"

Tommy Tomahawk was the leader of a squadron of Native American pilots in the South Pacific during World War II known as the Cherokee Squadron, known as both fierce fighter pilots and, when the need arose, ground commandoes, Tommy and his men were also known for dressing in warpaint, warbonnet, moccasins and even loincloths.

At first angered by this, Command ordered them to stop and stick to regulation uniforms, however once the results of their missions were seen, they were given special permission to dress as they liked.

It is not known what he or the other members of the Cherokee Squadron did after the war.

His sidekick (or closest thing he had to) was Red Wing.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Contact Comics #1-11


  • Tommy was a rare example of a non-Caucasian character to be cover worthy.
  • One would hope that, if used today, the character's backstory would be updated to suit a modern audience.

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