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Toni Stark

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Toni Stark

Real Name

Toni Stark

First Appearance

Startling Comics #3 (October, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Max Plaisted

Golden Age Origin Edit

Toni Stark was the friend and traveling partner of Ace Buckley, who built a spaceship that was capable of time travel. Toni accompanied Ace on many trips from their own time in the 20th Century to the distant past. They traveled backward in time to observe a number of important battles and events (such as the Battle of Marathon), and inevitably they were drawn into those events. They met and interacted with a number of legendary historical figures, including Queen Elizabeth I, Blackbeard and King Richard, The Lionheart.

Toni and Ace usually hid their time ship underwater, and then swam ashore in bathing suits, often carrying any gear they think they might need. Once on land, they would assume the garb of the period they were visiting (Toni usually ended up in something fairly provocative). They could return to the ship for supplies as needed. While they had modern weapons aboard their time ship, they usually resigned to using the weapons of the age. They frequently found themselves in trouble, but Toni managed to demonstrate great courage in their adventures.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

Startling Comics #3-10

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