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Real name

Sebastian Pereira


Hydrokinesis, Psychometry

First Appearance

After Dark (2014)

Created by

Mike DiBaggio & Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio


Sebastian Pereira is a Pittsburgh-based Talent and vigilante who goes by the nom de guerre, Torrent. He first discovered that he had low level psychometry abilities when he was 14. At the age of 16, he embarked on a short stint as the solo costumed crimefighter dubbed Doom Spectre. Finding little in the way of real crime that he could confront with his limited means, he impetuously confronted a group of teenagers who were vandalizing an abandoned factory. As the outnumbered vigilante struggled to fend off his opponents, his latent hydrokinetic talent manifested itself, detonating a can of spray paint and frightening them off.

Shortly after this encounter, Sebastian changed his costume and adopted the name Torrent. In the short time that he has been active, he has already encountered a number of strange and dangerous entities in his hometown, including the werecat Grimalkin, the Incarnate of athletic excellence known as Thorpe, the deranged mad-gasser Miasma, and the Pittsburgh chapter of the Global Parahuman Revolutionary Army.

Later on, he convinced his best friend, Alex Shepherd, to join him on patrols. He recently discovered that his girlfriend, Evangeline Garver, is also a Talent with the power of thermokinesis, and has been plotting to reveal his secret identity to her.


Torrent is a character in the Ascension Epoch universe. He first appeared in the 2014 novel After Dark.


Sebastian lives with his parents and younger sister, Olivia, and also has an older brother, Robert. He attends school at St. Bonaventure Academy, a private Catholic "unschool" located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He is fluent in five languages besides his native English: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and Catalan. He is near-sighted and often wears corrective eyeglasses; the goggles he wears while in costume as Torrent are also corrective lenses. He also has a paralyzing fear of heights.


Torrent's hydrokinesis (psychic control of liquids) is quite versatile, enabling him to move large volumes of liquid, increase or decrease pressure, and change its temperature. The exact limits of his abilities are unknown, but he can increase pressure enough to rupture pipes and spigots and can flash boil streams of water into steam. This power also allows him to psychically sense the presence of liquids that he cannot see or smell. The more viscous the liquid (like oil or hydraulic fluid), the easier it is for him to get a psychic "grip" on, but conversely, the more difficult it is to rapidly change its pressure and temperature.

Torrent's psychometry (the ability to pick up psychic impressions, including memories and emotional residue from physical objects), however, is significantly less powerful. In the presence of particularly strong psychic fields, he can receive intense impressions automatically, but usually he must make physical contact with an object and concentrate to receive any meaningful input. Most often, he gets brief flashes of images, sounds, or smells that are hard to make sense of.

While fighting crime, Torrent typically relies on a combination of his hydrokinesis (psychic control of liquids) and close combat weapons, particularly an electric stun baton. He has taken to carrying water or mixtures of other chemicals (usually alcohol and vinegar for their blinding properties) in pouches that he can use to fling at enemies to distract and incapacitate them.



Torrent is a character in the open source Ascension Epoch universe, created by Michael DiBaggio and Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio. The Ascension Epoch is a shared universe for superhero and adventure fiction, built on the public domain. All elements are released under a Creative Commons licence, which states creator credit must be given and if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

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