Queen Tourmaline of the Pinkies

Real Name

Tourmaline of the Pinkies

First Appearance

Sky Island (1912)

Original Publisher

Reilly & Britton

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Tourmaline was the Queen of the Pinkies of Sky Island.

She is a beautiful young girl of about seventeen, not fat like the rest of the Pinkies, but slender and well formed. Her complexion is not a decided pink, but a soft rosy tint. Instead of the silken gowns of the other Pinkies, Tourmaline wears a severely plain robe of coarse pink cloth. Her badge of office is a band of rose gold on her brow, set with a luminous pink jewel more brilliant than a diamond.

Tourmaline was selected as queen of the Pink Country because the Great Book of Laws requires that the person with the lightest skin shall be ruler. When Polychrome visited her friends who had been stranded on Sky Island, she pointed out that Trot should be queen, because her skin was a lighter shade of pink than Tourmaline's. She gladly gave up her duties and returned to her father's house where she could wear beautiful gowns again.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Sky Island

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