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Tritops sm

Real Name

Bosco Bundy

First Appearance

August 2, 2011

Original Publisher

Heroes and Henchmen

Created by



Once a common street thug with a tendancy to overdo the bodybuilding, Bosco fell in with a series of street gangs from a young age forward. Though he could show signs of empathy when it came to helpless people or animals, his abusive upbringing instilled in him a sense of entitlement that was satisfied through criminal behavior.

During an ill-fated warehouse heist, Spinner broke up his latest gang. Amid the struggle, a stack of crates toppled onto Bosco, nearly crushing him to death. Though his muscular body withstood the blow well enough to save his life, a large portion of his skeleton was pulverized.

Though Spinner lifted the crates from Bosco's destroyed body and tended to him until an ambulance arrived, Bosco still blamed Spinner for his condition and vowed revenge.

Things looked grim, and Bosco was confined to a bed for what would be the rest of his life. That is... until his employer on the warehouse job, came calling. His employer had a sophisticated exoskeleton created for Bosco to give him back control of his body. Though his employer claimed the deed was done so Bosco could have his vengeance, the true purpose of the suit was to test-run the technology on an unwitting subject before his own flight suit was designed.

With all testing successful, his employer provided a final version of the suit to Bosco. It had been designed to resemble a Triceratops - a lumbering, pea-brained vegetarian - which was a bit of a joke at the expense of Bosco's low intellect and occasionally empathetic personality.

Luckily, the reference went over Bosco's head. He took up the name Tritops and has been attempting to fatally trample Spinner ever since.

Regularly teams up with Dirtnap and Octopod and considers Spinner to be his greatest enemy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bodybuilder, hard head.


  • Extremely stupid, prone to empathy for the defenseless.

Weapons and Accessories

  • Launchable projectile horns mounted on head.
  • Triceratops-themed armored suit.


Tritops is a Creative Commons character. The license covering this character essentially states that ANYONE can use it for ANYTHING as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It gives credit to the heroes and henchmen site.
  • It's non-profit (Exceptions can be made for indie comics if premission is attained beforehand).
  • Others can use your changes if they so choose.

The displayed image has been declared public domain to give creators a starting point.

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