Two-Gun Lil

Real Name

Lil Peters/Adams (see "Notes" section)

First Appearance

Crack Western Comics #63 (Nov. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Millard, Charles Sultan


Two-Gun Lil's father, Sage City's lawman, Sheriff Sam Peters, told Lil at a young age to "keep shootin', honey. Some day those six guns may turn out to be the only friends you got!"

After graduating Ladies Seminary in Boston, Lil receives a telegram stating her father was killed by a bushwacker. Lil returns to Sage City, vowing revenge on her father's killers.

Deputy Bob Cross meets Lil at the stagecoach, informing her some of Garson Cade's men are likely suspects for Sam Peters's murderers.

Garson Cade is nervous when Two-Gun Lil tells him about her plan for revenge. Cade talks to one of his hired men named Bunco later in private. Bunco isn't worried, since he handled Sam Peters with Cade.

Cade and Bunco surprise Lil in her hotel room, tying her up. They leave by the window after they light a bundle of dynamite sticks. Lil grabs the dynamite between her legs and heaves them out the window, the adobe walls sturdy enough to protect her from the blast. She uses the broken glass of the window to cut the ropes binding her.

Two-Gun Lil catches Cade and Bunco celebrating at the tavern, shooting a shot-glass out of Cade's hand. The ruffians in the bar attempt to charge Lil, but she shoots down the chandelier and causes confusion. She elicits a confession from Bunco, who admits Garson Cade did the shooting and not him. Deputy Cross tells Two-Gun Lil Cade will hang for the murder. She suggests he will be elected sheriff, but he prefers to remain deputy after Two-Gun Lil is elected to follow in her father's footsteps.


Two-Gun Lil is a crack shot with a pair of pistols.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crack Western Comics #63-84


  • The character's appearance in Crack Western #82 was re-printed in Apache Trail #2. While the art is largely retained, changes to the story were made and, common with re-print stories, Lil is mistakenly called "Lil Adams" in one panel.
  • There is no apparent familial relationship between her Bush Peters.

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