Unga Khan

Real Name


First Appearance

Undersea Kingdom (Film, 1936)

Original Publisher

Republic Pictures

Created by

Monte Blue, B. Reeves Eason, Joseph Kane


Unga Khan was the tyranical ruler of Atlantis. His will was enforced by his "Black Robe" Army, Volkite robots, and a variety of technologically advanced vehicles and super weapons. His plan was to eventually conquer the surface world.

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • Undersea Kingdom Chapters:
  1. Beneath the Ocean Floor (30 min 51s)
  2. Undersea City (19 min 13s)
  3. Arena of Death (18 min 58s)
  4. Revenge of the Volkites (18 min 7s)
  5. Prisoners of Atlantis (17 min 33s)
  6. The Juggernaut Strikes (16 min 40s)
  7. The Submarine Trap (17 min 20s)
  8. Into the Metal Tower (16 min 49s)
  9. Death in the Air (16 min 48s)
  10. Atlantis Destroyed (17 min 28s)
  11. Flaming Death (19 min 23s)
  12. Ascent to the Upperworld (16 min 54s)

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