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Unholy Three

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Unholy Three

Team Roster

Brutus, Herbert and Nosey

First Appearance

Master Comics #17 (August, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Sultan

Golden Age Origin

The Unholy Three were originally henchman of a mad scientist named Dr. Twiddley Fairchild. They included:

Nosey, a small dwarf with a sinister case of the giggles, but able to infiltrate buildings through small openings. He was the smartest of the three, and appeared to take command after Fairchild was killed in their escape from prison.

Brutus, a single man with the strength of twenty. He could rip apart the bars of a prison cell.

Herbert, a "bull" ape" with tremendous strength.

They committed murder on Fairchild's behalf and lived in his castle. After Farichild was killed, they sought revenge on Bulletman who had put them in prison. They nearly defeated the hero.

Golden Age Appearances

Master Comics #17-19

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