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Real Name

Mickey & unknown

First Appearance

V...-Comics #1 (1942)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Jay Foster & Ramona Patenaude

Golden Age Origin

V-Boys, or, as they were formally known, V-Boys Defense Corps, were a group of American kids that V-Man recruited after returning to United States. The V-Boys served as V-man's all-purpose assistants. V-Man communicated with them using a two-way video link he wore as a ring on his finger. The stories never bothered to explain where he got it from.

Unlike the members of the V-Group (who weren't Father Duroc), V-Boys were aware of V-Man's secret identity. V-Boys themselves didn't have much in the way of individual identities. V-Man's second-in-command was identified as "Mickey," but that's about it.

Not so coincidentally, V-Boys Defense Corps was also the name of the real life V-Man fanclub established by Fox Feature Syndicate.

Golden Age Appearances

  • V…-Comics #1

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