Val Nor

Real Name

Val Nor

First Appearance

Space Adventures #11 (March 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill


Myra Trent is an adventurer with a taste for speed. She wins many races, setting land-speed records and winning speedboat races. Her desire for adventure leads her to investing her energy into creating a rocket to be the future human to reach the planet Mars. A scientist working on the project named Ted Corsy. Ted expressed his love for Myra, asking her to not go on the night before take off. Myra tells him that she is going for certain, but Ted will be with her by radio contact the entire way.

Ted remains in contact with her throughout. After the touchdown on Mars, a green, tentacled creature with a canine appearance approaches Myra. She acts terrified as the creature approaches. Myra's blaster is too far for her to reach, and the communicator clicks off when the creature brushes it.

The creature then addresses Myra, whom he calls Myr Ah commenting on her acting job and that the earthlings would be thoroughly convinced. Myra addresses the creature with, " was melodramatic, Val Nor!" The creature Val Nor notes the anguish in Ted Corsy before the communication ceased. Myr Ah admits she used Ted, enough to cause him to fall in love with her. She wishes to return to their ship so she can resume her natural form. Myra reiterates their plan to encourage mankind to develop space travel through the character of Myra. Val Nor and Myr Ah's job is done, and they return to their "different galaxy, far away".

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #15

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