Real Name

Bradford Cole

First Appearance

Liberty Scouts #2 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sam Gilman

Golden Age Origin

Bradford Cole was an assistant to Doctor Kreiner who was working on a process to dissolve, solidify, and expand matter. However, German saboteurs exploded his lab while he was working, but the explosion gives him superpowers instead of blowing him to smithereens. His powers included disintegration, flight, and growth/expansion of his entire or just parts of his body. He also can survive explosions. Cole uses his powers to fight criminals and Nazis as the Vapo-Man.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Liberty Scouts Comics #2-3
  • Man Of War Comics #1-2
  • Liberty Guards Comics


The "dot-dot-dot-dash" under his name is Morse code for the letter "V".

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