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Venus Vol 1 1

Real Name

Venus, used the alias Victoria 'Vikki' Nutley Starr

First Appearance

Venus #1 (Aug. 1948)

Original Publisher

Timely Comics

Created by

Stan Lee & Lin Streeter


By 1948 Venus had grown bored with the life of an immortal and wished to experience the life of a human, and experience human love. She then transported herself to Earth and appeared in Los Angeles where her perfect beauty gathered a large crowed who were shocked by her sudden appearance in the middle of a busy street. She was spotted by Beauty Magazine publisher Whitney Hammond who was instantly smitten by the goddess and instantly thought she would have saved his flagging business. Not believing her claims that she was really the goddess Venus, Hammond hired her as editor after the original editor quit. This earned her the enmity of secretary Della Mason who vied for the editors position. Venus attempted to prove to Whitney that she really was Venus by showing some of her magical powers, only to find that they no longer worked while she was on Earth. While for the most part Venus occasionally was able to use limited abilities from time to time, and was always able to teleport back to planet Venus.

In her position as editor for Beauty Magazine, she helped them beat Lovely Lady Magazine, a rival company, at featuring the 10 most lovely women on the Earth when Venus gathered various goddesses from her kingdom. Due to Whitney Hammond's attraction to Venus, the two began dating. Venus adopted the alias Vikki Starr, although everyone mostly referred to her as Venus.

In these early days Della Mason regularly attempted to find ways to get Venus fired from her job in the hopes of taking her position. The first of these attempts was to alter a telegram from Whitney Hammond asking Venus to cover the story of a beauty pageant in Atlantic City. Thanks to Della's meddling, Venus instead went to Cactus City where her beauty enthralled the locals. When her appearance in Cactus City landed front page publicity for Beauty Magazine, Della's plans were ruined. Venus next accompanied Mr. Hammond to the printing press where Beauty Magazine was rolled out. There, her beauty caused pandemonium among the staff, including the foreman. Hammond dragged Venus back to the office, vowing never to bring her back again. However a telegram received later that day from the plant foreman announced that Venus was welcome at any time as her appearance helped boost productivity, much to Whitney's chagrin.

Noticing Venus' frequent absences (in which she had returned to her kingdom on planet Venus), Della hired two private detectives to try and find out where she disappeared to. Realizing that she was being followed, Venus used her powers to frighten them then hired them to play a prank on Della to make it look to Whitney Hammond that she had hired them to find her a new job, much to Della's chagrin. Venus was next assigned to try and get an exclusive interview with Rodney Radiant, the most handsome man in the world who also bore a resemblance to Narcissus. Accepting a bet from Della to go in plain clothing, Venus learned that Rodney has spurred his old high school sweetheart Connie Lane. Confronting Radiant, Venus unleashed her full beauty and denied his love when he was enthralled and convinced him to marry Connie instead, getting the exclusive for the magazine. Eventually Apollo grew tired of Venus' constant absences from her kingdom and appeared on Earth in the guise of Paul Belvedere and obtained a job at Beauty Magazine. While on Earth, Apollo used his powers to keep the sun shining 24 hours a day until Venus agreed to return with him. Venus eventually relented, only to punish Apollo upon her return and then resumed her activities on Earth.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Venus #1-3


  • Venus was a title published by Marvel/Atlas Comics between 1948 and 1952. It lasted for 19 consecutive issues. All issues dated 1949-on were renewed and thus, are still under copyright, making only her first 3 appearances public domain.
  • For being a super-powered Goddess, Venus' stories were unusual in that she very rarely fought any super-powered villains.

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