Veronica Darnell

Real Name

Veronica "Ronnie" Darnell

First Appearance

Blue Ribbon Comics #17 (October, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair & Warren King

Golden Age Origin

Veronica was a former Hollywood movie star, who became an agent of the United States Secret Service after her acting career was over. She aided Captain Flag and Yank in tracking down the Black Hand, and later helped Captain Flag when he was sent to prison. Veronica became a good friend of Captain Flag, but he never let her live down the fact that she accidentally knocked him out in their first meeting.

Veronica was a good looking actress and carried a handgun. She was a bold fighter and willing to go beyond the law in the name of justice.

Golden Age Appearances

Blue Ribbon Comics #17-19


A similar looking FBI agent named Linda Reed, working for FBI Director Morrow, was seen helping Captain Flag in Blue Ribbon Comics #20. Linda and the Captain already knew each other well, seeming like she was an old character. No explanation was ever made for the name change (if that's what it was).