Victor Vampire

Real Name


First Appearance

Horrific #8 (Nov. 1953)

Original Publisher

Comic Media

Created by

Don Heck


In telling a story, Victor sets up the tale's protagonist as one "John Doe". John and his wife, named "Jane Doe", were in a lifeboat after their cruise ship sank. They saw a man drowning in the water and rescued him. The man's name Lance Bloodman. Each of the three passengers on the lifeboat took shifts until they were rescued. Lance preferred the night shift. Unbeknownst to John and Jane, Lance was a vampire.

John awoke one night while Lance was in the act of sucking John's blood. Lance made a pact that he would only drink blood from John, leaving Jane pure from violation from the vampire.

When they were finally rescued, John expressed his intentions to turn Lance into the police. Lance reminded John of the shame he would face if Jane and the police knew.

John couldn't keep from sating himself with Jane's blood. For her protection, John decided to leave her. He preyed on the dregs of humanity until he met a friend. That friend was the Teller of Tales, and John Doe was actually Victor Vampire, who was relating his own story. Victor's last name is never given.

Powers and abilities

Victor has the abilities commonly attributed to vampires, including extending his life through drinking blood and shape-shifting. He is shown taking on the form of a bat.


Victor the Vampire is part of the Teller of Tale's group of narrators in the Comic Media series, Horrific. The other narrators include Walter Werewolf, Garry Ghoul, and Freddie Demon.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Horrific #8-13, Terrific #14