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Real Name


First Appearance

Pep Comics #27 (May 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

William Woolfolk and Paul Reinman

Golden Age Origin

Vinegaroon was one of three thieves who dressed as monks to steal "The Red Ruby of Death" from a Tibetan temple. When they succeed, the Great Lama instructed one of his followers to find them and regain the ruby. During his search, he did locate the missing jewel, but was killed by one of the thieves.

With the thieves believing they were still in possession of the ruby, a bloody trail of betrayal began. First, Vinegaroon strangled one of his accomplices, in order to be the sole owner of the ruby, but later, the third thief double-crossed the evil Vinegaroon and shot him. Soon enough, the Hangman was on the trail too. He confronted the remaining thug and the thief's neck was broken during their struggle.

It was later revealed they were all chasing a fake "glass" ruby. As stated before, the monk did locate the original, and before the thugs killed him, he was able to make the switch. Today, the ruby richly glows in an idol's forehead, and the Tibetan monks still gather to worship before it, just as they have done for countless centuries.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Pep Comics #27


  • Part of this text was taken from the DC Database with their permission.

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