Real Name

Ambrose Ampere

First Appearance

Fat and Slat #1 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan

Golden Age Origin

Ambrose Ampere was a simple hod-carrier to most of the world, but in reality he was Voltage, Man of Lightning. He gained the ability to hurl lightning bolts from his fingers and fly as fast as Mercury when he was a child and absorbed the electric shock of live wire in his father's lab after being douse in prussic acid. When he reached adulthood, Ambrose decided to keep his powers a secret and took his identity as a hod-carrier to catch black marketeers. With Comics McCormick's help he is able to catch the black marketeers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fat and Slat #1


  • Voltage is comic book character within the comic book whose adventures are read by Comics McCormick. After reading Watt Comics, he has a daydream about having an adventure with Voltage.

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