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Volto from Mars

Real Name


First Appearance

Don Winslow of the Navy #22 (Jan. 1945)

Original Publisher

Grape Nuts Flakes

Created by



Volto from Mars arrived on Earth in a bubble – and he came hungry! But, unlike most Martians, he craved not human flesh, but Grape-Nut Flakes! He possessed powers far beyond those of mortal men. By raising his left arm and yelling “Volto”, he could repel all objects; hoist the right and yell “Volto” and he attracts. Do it too much, and he must recharge with hearty doses of cereal.

Public Domain Appearances



  • 4Most vol. 5, #2
  • Blue Bolt vol. 6, #7
  • Target Comics vol. 6, #9-10


  • Crack Comics #37, 41
  • Egbert #1
  • Hit Comics #35, 39
  • Marmaduke Mouse #1
  • National Comics #46
  • Police Comics #39-41

United Features:

  • Comics on Parade vol. 5, #3
  • Tip Top Comics #115

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